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Steven Petruzzello

Broker / Owner


Prior to launching Ascent Real Estate, LLC in Frederick, MD, Steve has managed and been involved in every aspect of the Real Estate Industry. From property development and resale, to owner and operator of a successful mortgage brokerage firm in Frederick, MD. With over 20 years of experience in residential and commercial lending, Steve still maintains mortgage licenses in several states. Steve's diverse knowledge in all aspects of real estate, mortgage lending and property development offers a one-stop shop for buyers and sellers.


Steve's ability to listen and understand the needs of his clients has allowed him to continuously meet his clients expectations. His personable and professional demeanor enables him to build and maintain quality relationships with his clients, offering the organization tremendous growth in referrals and repeat clients.


Steve and his family have been residents of Frederick for over 40 years. Steve has a passion for philanthropic endeavors, supporting numerous local charities and causes within the community. He and his wife are especially passionate about working with the youth of Frederick.


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                                                          Ascent Real Estate

                                                          2186 Mountainview Drive

                                                          Frederick, MD 21702

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